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Join your safety-minded colleagues at the last ISMP Medication Safety Intensive (MSI) workshop this year, which will be held December 4 and 5 in New Orleans prior to the ASHP Midyear program. Attending the workshop will help you learn the unique ISMP principles and techniques that can maximize your medication safety efforts. Participants have the chance to gain hands-on practice in error analysis, evaluating root causes of errors, and using data from technology to help sustain safety efforts. For more information or to register, go to:

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Each year, ISMP celebrates individuals and organizations that have set a standard of excellence in the prevention of medication errors during the previous 12 months. ISMP is encouraging MSOS members to nominate individuals and organizations for this year's Cheers Awards. Nominations will be accepted through September 11, 2015.

Please visit to submit a nomination, register for the gala, or make a donation to support ISMP medication safety efforts.

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MSOS would like to thank those who responded to the recent survey we sent to members who listed their role as a full-time or part-time medication safety officers (MSOs).  The survey was intended to determine the bed size of the hospitals MSOs in which they work. 

Based on a response rate of 21%, there was roughly an equal percentage of MSO’s who categorized the bed size of their facility as 151-300 beds, 301-450 beds, 451-750 beds, over 750 beds, and at the hospital system level. A very small percentage of MSOs (4%) worked in hospitals of 150 beds or less. Based on this survey, most MSO’s who are members of MSOS work in hospitals above 150 beds, and the majority do so in a full-time capacity. 

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A couple of our members have reported that when they tried to access our website, they got a message that their IP address was blocked.  If this happens to you, it is because your internet server IP has been nationally reported for spam or sharing a virus/malware.  If you experience this problem, please contact us at and we will unblock you for our website– however, you also need to inform your IT department, as this problem may happen with other websites with security protocols.  

The mission of the Medication Safety Officers Society (MSOS) is to advance and encourage excellence in safe medication use by providing communication, leadership, direction, and education among its members.

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