Enteral Electrolyte Addition to Pediatric Formula

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Enteral Electrolyte Addition to Pediatric Formula

Hi All,

We are evaluating our current process of adding electrolyte replacement doses to 24hr supply of enteral formula in pediatric patients and are interested in the following:

1. Does your institution have pharmacy add enteral electrolyte replacements (e.g. NaCl, NaHCO3, etc) directly to 24 hour supply of formula to administer continuously? If so, what process is in place to handle appropriately?

2. If pharmacy does not add electrolyte replacement doses to formula directly, does nursing do so? How do you ensure that the dose(s) intended to be given continuously over 24 hours get mixed into the formula and not administered directly to the patient undiluted?

3. If neither of above, do you dispense electrolyte replacement doses in divided doses instead of a once daily, 24-hour dose?

Thank you in advance, appreciate any insight you can provide!