Heliox mixtures

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Heliox mixtures

Though heliox does not usually fall under pharamcy we had a cocnern that is similar to look-alike sound alike medications and I was curious if anyone has any information on what their institution does. We have heliox in two mixtures 80/20 and 70/30. The 70/30 is used when patients receive heliox via facemask and the 80/20 mixture is used via the ventilator so oxygen can be further blended in and an oxygen analyzer used.

The danger is if 80/20 is accidentally given to a patient via facemask because this is a hypoxic mixture.

Both the 80/20 and the 70/30 tanks from the manufacturer appear identical. The only difference is a label placed on the tank with a handwritten 80 (or 70) and 20 (or 30) placed on the appropriate lines.

Has anyone seen this as well or do they other systems in place for differentiating the two tanks so as not to cause confusion?




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