IV insulin and Compounding

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IV insulin and Compounding

We recently had a request to add mL in addition to units for compounding software in IV room. This is concerning with markings on the syringe (not insulin syringe) as well as 100x dosing errors.
We found publications from ISMP canada stating: The preparation of insulin injections using a tuberculin syringe instead of an insulin syringe is another significant cause of error.6 All insulin products marketed in Canada intended for human use provide 100 units insulin per mL.7 The tuberculin syringe barrel is marked in 0.1 mL increments, without leading zeros. The insulin syringe is marked in insulin unit gradations.

What syringe type do you use to draw up insulin in IV room (e.g. insulin syringe only, etc)

For compounding records, do you display units or ml of insulin in the EMR

Are you aware of any safety (e.g. ISMP) guidance around this and what is best practice

Thank you!