Medication safety program & number of medication safety staff in hospitals

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Medication safety program & number of medication safety staff in hospitals

Dear all:
I know this is not the first time to bring this question, but I tried to search for it in the forum topics and could not find it.
In our hospital I am working to establish a medication safety team/unit, currently I am writing the business case or proposal for it. I am planning to include the number of big hospitals similar to our hospital (Tertiary care leading teaching hospital with around 1100 beds) that have a structured medication safety program/ team / unit with a full time FTEs in the document.
Do you have any data about the cost saving/ benefits from establishing such a program/ unit/team to justify this initiative.

How many full time medication safety FTEs, what is there specialties.

Appreciate your help in providing this information if available.

Thank you


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