Oral Liquid Preparation

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Oral Liquid Preparation


At St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids we prepare all patient-specific doses of oral liquid medications in the pharmacy via a cartfill process within our EMR. This involves a pharmacy technician preparing all of these products at once, and have experienced some minor errors with this process. We are looking into how we can make the process of preparing oral liquid medication syringes safer. Would anyone be willing to share the written procedures they have for preparing oral syringes in this manner? We are looking at the following specifically:

1. Where do you allow the preparation of these products?
2. What specific procedures do you require regarding the actual filling of the syringes (ex. one patient/product at a time)?
3. How do you assign beyond-use dates?
4. How do you require the staging of the items prior to pharmacist final check?
5. What specific guidelines have you put in place regarding syringe size, protect from light, and labeling?

Thank you very much!