Questions re: Insulin Vial Storage

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Questions re: Insulin Vial Storage

Hello fellow Med Safety officers.

We recently conducted an insulin storage audit at our organization and identified some opportunities for improvement.
I am hoping to get an idea of how other hospitals are storing and dispensing insulin vials.

At your respective facilities:
1. Are insulin products dispensed as patient specific, multi-patient use or a combination of both (e.g. long acting insulins - pt specific, rapid acting insulin = multi-patient use)?

2. Are insulin products stored on your nursing units in Pyxis (ADU), secure/locked drawer/cabinet, a combination of both or something else?
a. If stored in ADU, what, if any safeguards do you have in place to ensure insulins are returned to the correct pocket?
b. If stored in a secure drawer/cabinet, how do you maintain nursing compliance with keeping the storage area locked? Any safeguards to ensure different insulin products are not co-mingled?
c. If something else, what have you implemented?

3. What challenges (from Nursing and/or Pharmacy) have you had to overcome with your current processes?

I appreciate any information that you are willing to share as I strive to ensure our patients receive not only effective, but safe care related to insulin.


Vee Henss, Pharm. D.
Med Safety Pharmacist
John Muir Health, Walnut Creek California