ADC 5 Letter/Character Requirement

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ADC 5 Letter/Character Requirement

Hi All,

Looking to connect with an organization that has implemented the ISMP best practice around requiring 5 Letters/Characters during ADC drug searches via override. In reading past MSOS threads, most were still in the planning phase or stepped back from 5 characters to 4.

Please share in this thread any learnings or feel free to email me directly! I am also happy to set up a quick chat if that's easier.

If you are starting to look into this for your organization, I pasted some quick references below to get you started.


Challenges with Requiring Five Characters During ADC Drug Searches Via Override:

Acute Care ISMP Mediation Safety Alert. Vol 24, issue 1. “Safety Enhancements Every Hospital Must Consider in Wake of Another Tragic Neuromuscular Blocker Event” Jan 17, 2019.

News Release. “ISMP Issues Safety Recommendations to Prevent Errors with Neuromuscular Blockers” Jan 17, 2019.